Lighthouse Centers

A Conscious Way of Living, A Natural Way of Life

At Lighthouse Centers we are striving to:

  • Calm the mind and be at peace with ourselves and others
  • Realize the soul within
  • Develop service to humanity
  • Respect all living creatures
  • Care for others in need
  • Live a pure, simple lifestyle
  • Become a better human being

Lighthouse Centers embrace an age-old, spiritual way of life that includes developing respect, trust, and love for all and discovering our full potential as true human beings. It is a lifestyle in harmony with higher values that nurtures our soul through meditation, the regular contact with the inner light and sound. This practice of meditation on the inner light and sound as taught by the spiritual master Sant Baljit Singh is a main aspect at Lighthouse Centers.

Love and respect for all, caring for humanity, and meditation on the inner light and sound
are the cornerstones of the spiritual lifestyle at Lighthouse Centers.
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